• Green Skills Agreement: The Australian and state and territory governments understand that decisive action is needed to support Australia’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Australia can continue to prosper while making the changes required to reduce the impact of climate change.
    Green Skills Agreement
  • Creating Jobs – Cutting Pollution: Action to reduce pollution can go hand-inhand with job creation and a prosperous and environmentally healthy Australia. As this report Creating Jobs – Cutting Pollution demonstrates, Australia could create more than 770,000 extra jobs by 2030 by taking strong action now to reduce pollution.
    Creating Jobs –Cutting Pollution website
  • National Sustainability Conference: This conference builds on the Climate Change @ Work series of conferences which take place in Australia and promote achieving sustainability in the workplace through sustainable leadership and management practice.
    National Sustainability Conference online
  • GreenSkills Survey Summary: A recent WPC Group survey completed in May 2010 showed that when looking at future employment opportunities, 64.9% of respondents would select an employer with a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability to one that did not.
    Survey Summary