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Are you looking to develop apprentices and trainees with skills from a sustainability perspective? Look no further than GreenSkills – the training initiative that offers apprentice and trainee development programs geared towards sustainable practices.

Why choose GreenSkills to hire an apprentice or trainee?
We make the process easy for you. From recruitment to placement, mentoring, overseeing training, allocation of safety equipment, and weekly payroll, we manage the complete process. And, in case your circumstances change, we can place the apprentice with an alternate employer.

But, what’s the cost?
We’ll develop a package based on the industry award for your company with no hidden on-costs, and all expenses incurred by you will be covered in the quotation.

What if you don’t think the apprentice or trainee is the right fit for your business?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Greenskills takes on the liability of the employment of the apprentice or trainee, and we can remove them and place them in an alternate position at no cost to you. We can provide you with a replacement apprentice or trainee at your request.

Looking to start an apprentice or trainee?
It’s simple. Contact GreenSkills using the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Why does Australia need Greenskills?
Our initiative helps the nation respond to the challenges of environmental change and sustainability, protecting the future productivity of the Australian economy, and continuing employment opportunities for young Australians.

What are skills for sustainability?
The GreenSkills mission statement defines them as technical skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes needed in the workforce to develop and support sustainable social, economic, and environmental outcomes in business, industry, and the community.

What needs to happen?
The transition to a low-carbon, energy-efficient, socially, and environmentally sustainable economy will be achieved more effectively when the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector has the capacity to deliver the requisite knowledge and skills for sustainability to new and existing workers.

Ready to host a GreenSkills apprentice or trainee?
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