Default Joomla! favicon

Default Joomla! favicon favicon favicon

Favicon is small icon standing on the left of address bar of your browser. By default Joomla! has the icon as shown in screenshot above. On your website you might want to use your own icon, like the one we are using on our site Here is instruction how to do that. The process consists of 2 main stages:

Stage 1: Create your own favicon file

Technically favicon is regular 16px * 16px icon file with exact name favicon.ico. In most cases favicon is the sized-down version of the company logo saved in icon format. In some cases the logo is too specific and favicon need to be built from the scratch. You can use professional icon editor software like Axialis IconWorkshop and Iconcool Editor or to use online favicon generators. The first method gives you better quality, but takes more efforts. The second method is easier, but quality is not the best.

Stage 2: Upload favicon file to your server

After you got favicon file, it’s time to upload it to your server. You need to upload the icon file to folder joomla_root_folder/ overwriting the default file. Feel free to make experiments. Anytime you can get back default favicon file from Joomla! installation package.