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Header image slideshow

JSN ImageShow

JSN ImageShow

The header image slideshow you see on JSN Epic demo website is another cool Joomla! extension from called JSN ImageShow. This extension is NOT included in the template download package and you have to download it separately. Please visit JSN ImageShow homepage for more details.

After installation of JSN ImageShow you need to prepare your images and configure JSN ImageShow appropriately.

Stage 1: Prepare images to be included in slideshow

In this stage you are going to get your images ready for the slideshow. JSN ImageShow is able to automatically resize your images to match the slideshow size, but for the best result we’d recommend you to pay attention to preparing your images. The main thing here is to crop your images so they have size similar to slideshow area size. That means the width/height ratio of sizes should be the same or similar. For example, if you have slideshow area with size 450px * 300px (the ratio is 1.5) then your images would better be: 375px * 235px (the ratio is 1.6) or 525px * 375px (the ratio is 1.4).

Another thing worth mention here is JSN ImageShow works best with JPEG format, so if you are going to show photos, please use JPEG format.

Stage 2: Upload images to your server

Now, when your images are ready, it’s time to upload them to your server. You can use Media Manager in Joomla! administration or you can use your favorite FTP client. For example, you can create folder myphotos under folder and upload all your images there.

Stage 3: Setup parameters for JSN ImageShow module

Now when you have your images prepared and uploaded to some folder on your server, it’s time to setup JSN ImageShow module. Please make following steps:

  1. Go to module manager by menu Modules -> Site Modules.
  2. Click on JSN ImageShow item in the list and setup parameters as following:
    • Show title: No
    • Position: header
    • Published: Yes
    • Image Folder: (this is example folder discussed in previous stage)
    • Width: 100%
    • Height: 250
    • Pages / Items: All (or at least Home)
  3. Click button Save

Above parameters are quite enough for JSN ImageShow to start showing images, but you are free to tweak a lot of other parameters to get desired view and effects.

Promo user modules

User Module

User Module

The text module near image slideshow is just simple User module created to contain some sample content. To create that module please make following steps:

  1. Go to module manager by menu Modules -> Site Modules.
  2. Click button New on the top toolbar.
  3. In new module’s configuration page you need to setup following parameters:
    • Title: User Module (or anything you like)
    • Show title: Yes
    • Position: user8 (for the right-side module) or user9 (for the left-side module)
    • Published: Yes
    • Content:
      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullam sem. Cras erat ipsum, euismod ut, rutrum in, dignissim quis, libero. <a href="#">Praesent fermentum</a>.
    • Pages / Items: All (or at least Home)
  4. Click button Save

Now you see that sample text module near image slideshow. Currently it does not contain any meaningful information, but you got the idea how to have the text there.