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JSN Epic provides 4 box designs for module background styling and 20 icon designs for module title styling. All module title styles can be used in combination with module background styles, giving you 80 module style combinations.

Info: Module styles are configured by module’s parameter Module Class Suffix. All available values are described below and need to be applied without double quotes.

Attention: Box designs for module background styling are applicable only for modules in side columns (position left and right)

Box designs

Box designs to be applied to modules published on side columns.

Box Style Blue

“-box box-blue”.

Box Style Green

“-box box-green”.

Box Style Yellow

“-box box-yellow”.

Box Style Grey

“-box box-grey”.

Icon designs

Icon designs to be applied to module’s title.

Icon Designs

Info: As with version 3.0 JSN Epic utilize CSS sprite technique to reduce amount of HTTP request to server in order to get icons. Technically, all icons are merged in one single image file and visitors will need to make one single request/download to get that file with all icons. If you have time, please read more about CSS sprites.

Combination usage

All icon designs can be used in combination with plain module design like below examples:

Box Plain With Star Icon

“-plain icon-star”

Box Blue With Statistic Icon

“-plain icon-statistics”

Also icon styles can be used in combination with box module styles like shown below:

Box Green With User Icon

“-box box-green icon-user”

Box Yellow With Article Icon

“-box box-yellow icon-article”


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