WPC Group attends Sensis Book Launch

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Our Industry Consultant Mark D’Aversa stands proudly along side our Nominated Victorian Trainee of the year Concetta Barbagallo (WPC Group Sensis Trainee) at the launch of their new book Small Business, Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth Launched on the 5th of May.

WPC Group has a built a close working relationship the the Sensis team with regards to Sustainability and business going green and feel Australia’s small and medium businesses are set to receive a helping hand to ‘green up’, thanks to a new free business book to be launched by Sensis on Tuesday 5 May called Small Business, Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth.

As part of its commitment to fostering a sustainable future for Australia’s small and medium businesses, Sensis engaged renowned environmentalist and 2010 NSW Australian of the Year Jon Dee, to author the book.

The book has been developed to provide Australia’s two million-plus SMEs (small and medium enterprises) with practical information and tips on how to improve their bottom line while also reducing their impact on the environment.

Commenting on the launch of Small Business Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth, Bruce Akhurst, Sensis Chief Executive Officer said, “Sustainability continues to be integral to the success of our business, as does the growth and prosperity of the SME sector.”

“We wanted to support this sector in a very practical way that would not only help small businesses save money, but also provide easy ways to improve their operational efficiencies that will ultimately reduce their environmental footprint.”

“The launch of Small Business Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth adds to our sustainability commitments and is something we’re really pleased with given its ability to help Australia’s small and medium businesses make a positive difference to the environment and at the same time enhance their bottom line,” says Akhurst.

According to author Jon Dee, some small businesses think reducing their impact on the environment is a luxury they can’t afford.

“For example, many larger companies are now starting to make their supply chains more sustainable. Those SMEs who are well prepared for this could find themselves with a major competitive advantage over less ‘green’ competitors,” Dee said.

“This book is a must read for small business operators who want to achieve sustainable growth in their business,” -Jaye Radisich, Chief Executive at the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA).

WPC Group would like to pass on sincere congratulations to Both CEO Bruce Akhurst Jon Dee and Concetta on the successful launch of your new book, “Small Business, Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth” yesterday. We feel this book has some really straight forward practical ideas and is very thought provoking with case studies we can all relate to and useful tips and ideas to get business and the individual engaged.

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